Sunday, July 09, 2006

American Bummer

It's a good thing we had four more days ahead of us, because the U.S. game certainly put us in a foul mood. Just look at this poor chap bummin' on the streets of Gelsenkirchen as we waited for the train back to Frankfurt.

Despite the game, there are plenty of fond memories of Gelsenkirchen.

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Doug said...

At this point we had just takin a jam packed tram that was 100 degrees, we were hot, tired, hungover, and bummed out from the result of the match. All I wanted was water, and we couldn't even get that. We bought four bottles from a supermarket, cracked the cap, and watched the bubbles form from the sparkling water we had just purchased. This would be an on going theme throughout our trip, and it was never a welcomed site.