Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fanfest in Frankfurt

Our next stop was the banks of the Main River and the Frankfurt Fanfest. Each of the 12 World Cup host cities put on its own Fanfest, and fans turned out by the thousands to watch the games on huge video boards. The atmosphere was the next best thing to being inside the stadiums.

In Frankfurt, 15,000 fans jammed both sides of the Main to watch games each day. We had arrived shortly before kickoff of the Holland-Serbia game, so we missed out on the coveted seats, but we did have a nice standing vantage point to watch the game and the endless parade of fans from around the world.
Holland won the game, 1-0. We were surprised that their fans were somewhat subdued, but we would find out later in the week that they definitely know how to celebrate a victory.

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Doug said...

It it tough to say which fan fest had the best set up, because they each had their own charm. I think the set up of the bleachers and video screens in Frankfurt were top notch, however. Each time we saw it, this Fan Fest was packed.