Sunday, July 09, 2006

Train Station for the World

One of our favorite aspects of the trip was the people and scenes each day inside the Frankfurt main train station, known in German as the Hauptbahnhof. Every time we passed through the station, the facility was bustling with different fans. Some were coming to Frankfurt for the day, others were on their way to one of the 11 other host cities throughout Germany. When we walked over to the train station at 10 a.m. Sunday to get our rail passes validated, we got our first taste of the international flavor of the event. There were English fans traveling home after the previous day's game; Mexican and Iranian supporters headed out to the match that day in Nuremberg; Japanese fans making their arrival for Monday's game in Kaiserslautern.

And kudos to the German organizing committee who had plenty of well-marked signs, helpful staff and useful guides all throughout each train station. When we needed help or direction, we didn't have to go far.

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Doug said...

We were in and out of the Hauptbanhof every day. It was always full of excitment early in the morning, and a welcome site to come home to at the end of each long day. Thanks to a friendly DB Ticket Counter employee we learned we could get reserved seats on each trip for not much extra, as he put it, "ees only three euro, ees better". We agree!