Sunday, July 09, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

On Saturday, June 17, we got up and headed to the Flughafen for the flight home to the U.S. Our timing for the trip home was less than ideal, since the U.S. was playing Italy that day in a game that was kicking off right about the time we were scheduled to land back at Newark. (We did get home just in time to catch the last ten minutes of an exciting 1-1 tie.)

After picking up some duty free Scotch (Dan) and Gummy Bears (Doug), we boarded the plane and headed home. All the chants and cheers we had heard over the past week still rang in our heads all the way back.

We had a fantastic trip and hope you enjoyed reading about it and sharing the memories. And if reading this makes you want to plan a trip to the next World Cup, we'll see you in South Africa in 2010!

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