Sunday, July 09, 2006

One Last Time to Make Friends

We returned to Frankfurt and decided to wrap up our trip with a few drinks at the bar across from our hotel, Yours Australia, which pretty much looked like Outback Steakhouse. Apparently it's bad form to wear Holland gear in Germany, as we found out when a pair of locals started giving us some good-natured taunting.

They seemed like a couple of decent guys, though, and when they learned we were Americans, they were excited to talk to us about Dirk Nowitzki, so we joined them and the rest of their group at a table outside. We learned that it was a group of six students from Frankfurt's International School, a high school for students from around the world. The group included two Brits, two Germans, a Brazilian and an Israeli. What better way to wrap up the trip then by sharing stories and drinks with an international group?

One of them said to me, "I see you are married? How does your wife like you being at the World Cup? Lots of women from South America." I told him I was a trustworthy guy.

As you can see from the photo below, our friends had been drinking for several hours before we got there, so they look a lot worse off than we do. They're also trying to figure out what to do with the 25 euros we gave them, which probably covered more than the drinks we had ordered. But high schoolers can always use a little extra cash and the extra Euros weren't going to do us any good back home.

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