Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rough Around the Edges

On the tram back from the game, we were talking to an Englishman from Coventry traveling alone. A nice guy, in his early 30s, and from the sounds of it, he enjoyed the freedom of traveling by himself quite regularly. Indulge me, because this is probably another one of those stories that was funnier in person.

We talked about his travels abroad in America, and he had come over twice for concerts- once to see the band Boston in Camden, N.J., and once to see Chicago in Hershey, Pa. If you're like Doug and I and have ever seen Camden, you're probably wondering why anyone would ever go there for a concert. Not exactly America's safest city. So when Doug asked how he liked it, he said in a very soft tone "Yeah, Camden's a little rough around the edges. Je--s Ch---t."

Well, like I said, maybe you had to be there. We're just glad he made it out of Camden alive.

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