Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tossing Back Some Applewine

After the game, we toured Frankfurt's Applewine District, a collection of restaurants and taverns set along cobblestone streets just south of the Main River. We had this stereotypical vision of what certain parts of Germany might look like, constructed in large part by our numerous trips to Epcot, but certain areas really did look much as we had imagined them. The Applewine District fit the mold.

Applewine is the alcoholic beverage of choice in Frankfurt. It's somewhere between hard cider and vinegar, but you get used to the taste. We actually ran into German Mike Eruzione again at our restaurant, (a good sign when the locals are eating at the place you randomly picked out for dinner) and heard him explaining it to a visitor. "Remember first time when you were little kid and you tried beer? Did you like it? No. Same thing with Applewine."

We both downed a hearty sausage plate with our Applewine while watching France-Switzerland, with Doug eventually switching over to beer. The chef was a French fan and we were glad we got our food before he spent the last ten minutes of the game out of the kitchen and watching TV. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.

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